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Ok, guys,,,times have been tough for a lot of people lately,,,money is tight…and there always seems to be something to spend it on…take me for example…within the last couple of weeks,,,I’ve had unexpected car repairs,,an unscheduled ( and very expensive) trip to the dentist, a brand new lawnmower (well at least it was new when I purchased it last April) broke down on me and required 150.00 worth of repairs…sometimes it just seems to be one thing after another…and I’m sure I’m not the only one this happens to. However, I’ve also had some great moments during that same time..special family events, birthdays, seeing old friends, watching my kids celebrate some milestones…the kind of moments that make all the other worries of the day fade to the background…and you know, those are the moments we live for. Whether they’re happening now, or whether we have memories of special moments from long ago, it’s always nice to have some record of those times to make it easier to relive them again and again, so here’s my offer to you…to help you remember the good times, I’LL TRANSFER YOUR VIDEOTAPE CASSETTE TO DVD FOR FREE!, That’s right, just bring in 1 videotape and I’ll transfer it to dvd for you at no charge, no additional purchase required. This offer is limited to 1 free tape to dvd transfer per family, and I may withdraw it at any don’t delay…it’s my way of helping out in these tough times and also a way to introduce you to the great service you can expect at Video Data Services in Union, NJ. So no matter whether your car needs repair, the hot water heater needs to be replaced, the roof is leaking and the dog ate your don’t need any money,,,just come on down to say hello and get your free video to dvd transfer, Hopefully you’ll be so satisfied with our services you’ll send your friends and family to see us also..
Looking forward to seeing you, just mention this free offer when you come in,,and til next time…here’s wishing you lots of good times!

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