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Video File Formats Conversion and Editing

Hey guys, had an interesting edit job today from one of my favorite ad agency clients…IonLeap. It was a Rush Job for a Trade Show video for one of their clients,  showcasing their product, to be played on an endless loop. We got the job in late last night and had to get it out the door tonight via Fedex for delivery tomorrow at 8:00 am…We had about 15 different video files to work from and here’s where it got interesting. We had to download the various files from FTP sites and YOUSENDIT…after several hours of downloading we had the raw materials to work with and had to come up with an approach to the video that would be effective, exciting, and out the door on time. One issue we had was that the video files were of all different types. The files included the following : AVI, DIVX, MOV, H.264, MP4, M4V, WMV, MPG2, M2V, AVCHD, M2t, FLV and a couple others thrown in for good measure. Working with all these file types in a single project under a tight deadline was challenging to say the least. In the old days with videotapes, formats were pretty standardized, we had 3/4″, Betacam, VHS, SVHS, 8mm, DV, DVCPRO, DVCAM, DIGIBETA, 1″, Digital 8, 3/4″ SP and a few others. Of course, we had to have the machines to play these formats and that required quite a large investment in hardware.,,but basically,,,as long as we had the proper machine, the format would play fine. Today it’s a little different, there are many different file types coming from various video cameras, still cameras, editing systems, etc. and they are not standardized…for example…a MOV file can contain within that mov wrapper any number of variations including mp4,avchd, h.264 and on and on. Some manufacturers cameras have proprietary formats that require special codec packs be installed on the edit system…some cheaper cameras that shoot hd video on small sd memory cards use highly compressed and proprietary formats that look great on playback…but require a tremendous amount of computer horsepower to edit with ….many editing companies are unable to work with some of these files, and few companies are able to handle as large a variety of files as we had to work with  on today’s project. Video Data Services at 406 Chestnut St. in Union NJ is able to handle anything you throw at us. We spend countless hours researching and staying abreast of the latest file formats…so that when you need your video edited …we’re ready and able to get it done for you…We can also convert any file type to any other file type as well as converting your video files for use on your website, upload to youtube and video emails…Next time you have a file that no-one else can work with…give us a call at 908-964-4004…we’ll do our best to help you out…until next time,,,stay well…and keep on shooting that great video!

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